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To start with, you can either opt to undergo training in playing the Guitar,the Piano, Drums or the Keyboard. You’ll be guided through the tunes by a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals who themselves have surrendered their lives to music.You will be given personal attention so that your talent is the only focus at that given time.

We at Art of Guitar discuss the joy of learning that comes from listening to and making music. We make students to have Peak experiences, in which what people are thinking and what they are doing, merge and are often experienced by musicians. These “flow states” result in learning which itself becomes its own reward.

We,all educators at Art of Guitar recognizes the value of music as an integral and essential part of the standard curriculum we have, we also see more opportunities for all students to be successful.

Music is a language that everyone speaks and understands. We are all born rhythmical people– we lived with our mother’s heartbeat for nine months before we were born. We all live with the rhythms of our respiration and heartbeat. The human body and voice has surely been used in early artistic self-expression not only by ancient humans, but by every child today.


GUITARS: Western Classical, Rock, Blues and Bass, Contemporary, Bollywood/Hollywood

DRUMS: Contemporary and Western Classical, Bollywood/Hollywood

KEYBOARDS: Contemporary and Western Classical, Bollywood/Hollywood

PIANO: Contemporary and Western Classical, Bollywood/Hollywood

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