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There are so many benefits to guitar lessons for beginners at Art of Guitar Music Academy, that it is difficult to list them all. Learning to play the guitar is not only pleasurable but it also allows you to appreciate many other forms of art, music, and affects your life in a variety of different ways.

Learning guitar in a group format adds a social side to education that does not exist in a private one-to-one consultation. You can meet new acquaintances in a like-minded setting. You can even arrange “jam sessions” with your new guitar buddies. The sky is the limit, and you have options to enjoy your musicality that a one-to-one guitar student simply does not have.

You can play jam with other guitarists that will be invaluable to your guitar learning and playing in the long term.
You learn from other students in the class. This is a tremendous advantage as you can see the mistakes that others make and avoid those mistakes.

Scientific studies have shown evidence those children who receive music lessons in their toddler years find the following benefits:

  • Greater brain development
  • Increased intellect
  • Improved social skills
  • Greater confidence and self-esteem
  • Better grades
  • Increased perception on the world

Frequency – Twice in a week (or 8 classes in a month)

Duration of class – One Hour

Batch Strength – Group Lesson

Add-ons – We will be providing you all the reference material like workbooks, CD’s etc. at a nominal prices. You will also be given workshops on music theory and other music related topics every month.

Duration – No fixed duration. Whenever you are able to complete one grade you can clear the exam and move on to the next.

Certification – Certification from Rock and Pop, Trinity College, London and Rock School, London after clearing the exam.

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