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Piano is an instrument played by pressing the keys with the fingers from both hands. There are two types of pianos: vertical/upright and horizontal/Grand. Standard piano has 88 keys, the three foot pedals. The pedal on the right is called damper. In piano there are 52 white keys and 36 black keys. Classical and Jazz music is played on pianos for solo performance. Even in band, musicians play piano with other instruments like guitar, drums. Piano is not portable and very expensive instrument. It gives very soothing soft and sweet music.

Symphony Music main aim is to give a music sense to students so they can easily play all piano notes without a tutor. Learning piano help kids to be more successful and develop skills which they can use their in school and whole life. In modern life everyone is looking for healthy life style, exercises and diet. Music gives you a healthy life, mind and soul. Learning piano gives peace and healthy mind.

Benefits of playing piano:

  • Kids who take piano lessons they are able to do hard work and they get disciplined.
  • Kids who play piano strengthens fine motor skills and eye hand well co-ordination.
  • Playing piano reduced depression, anxiety and loneliness.
  • Kids who take piano lessons along with computer puzzle-solving better in math.

Frequency – Twice in a week (or 8 classes in a month)

Duration of class – One Hour

Batch Strength – Group Lesson

Add-ons – We will be providing you all the reference material like workbooks, CD’s etc. at a nominal prices. You will also be given workshops on music theory and other music related topics every month.

Duration – No fixed duration. Whenever you are able to complete one grade you can clear the exam and move on to the next.

Certification – Certification from Rock and Pop, Trinity College, London and Rock School, London after clearing the exam.

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