Rules and Regulation

Fee Structure:

  1. Fees are to be paid by Cash / Cheque in favor of Art of Guitar.
  2. Admission Fee and Course fee are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  3. The fee cycle will never be changed once the enrollment is done.
  4. Students who fail to deposit the fee on time will not be allowed to attend the classes.
  5. Students appearing for exams are required to submit Examination fee. This fee would be forwarded to the representative of the concerned Examination Board (amount will vary depending on the examination Board and Grade).
  6. This fee is not included in student’s tuition fee or in any Charges paid by the student to the Institute. Parents may collect the receipt of such exam fee from the Institute office after payment of fee.
  7. If a student leaves the Institute or takes a break from the Institute after finishing his/her classes his/her registration will remain valid for 6 months from the day of enrollment.
  8. Thus if the student rejoins within 6 months he or she does not need to pay admission fees again. Rejoining fees of 1000 Rupees will be applicable if he rejoins after 6 months of his enrollment.
  9. Nominal late fine can be charged by the Institute in case of delay in the fees.

Holidays & Makeup Classes:

  1. The Institute works 6 days a week, Monday through Saturday. It remains closed on national/public holidays. The schedule of holidays is displayed on the Institute’s notice board from time to time. Please refer to list of holidays.
  2. No makeup classes for national holidays will be provided.
  3. All classes should be completed within the duration of enrollment. This includes Make-up classes and the regular classes.
  4. Any classes missed due to late payment of fee will not be entertained by the Institute.
  5. Students should attend the classes regularly. The Institute will not be responsible for calling Students/ Parents to confirm if they are coming for classes or not.
  6. In case a student misses a lesson, the student will be marked absent. Make Up class will be provided only if his/her absence is reported 24 hours before.
  7. MAKE UP Class will be provided only if the Institute remains close on the day of class (In case of any emergency) or if the class is cancelled due to absence of the trainer.
  8. Workshops/lecture demonstrations arranged for the benefit of students from time to time will be treated as regular classes.
  9. Attendance at such “workshops” will be deemed compulsory and will be counted in lieu of the regular scheduled classes.


  1. The Institute shall not provide any study material but can help students to get the materials at market price. Students appearing for examination under any examining board are required to purchase original copy of the examination book.
  2. Students are required to possess an instrument of the recommended quality for all instrumental studies. However, during class student will be provided the requisite instruments.
  3. Institute reserves the right to change teacher assigned to a student at any point of time.
  4. All queries related to extra lessons, timetables, payments, holidays, attendance, etc. should be communicated to the Institute office only. Teachers will not be able to help on these issues.
  5. Students pursuing additional disciplines are not required to pay any additional admission charges.
  6. Students attending instrumental music classes are taught in groups by the teachers. Individual classes for instruments have a different fees structure.
  7. Instrumental music classes are arranged at the time and on the day mutually convenient to the teacher and the student depending upon the availability of the seats.
  8. In all matters the decision of the Management shall be final and irrevocable
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